Rolling Deadline Extension

It is our intention to publish all successfully peer-reviewed articles that were submitted by 15th August 2017 before our conference, where we will have a special launch event. We thank these contributors and look forward to reading their essays.

However, we are aware that many of you missed the deadline but wish to contribute, so we are extending the rolling deadline. While we cannot guarantee your contribution will be published for the launch in April 2017, we will continue to publish articles in 2018-9 which pass peer-review.

While the absolute deadline will be 1st June 2018, the earlier you submit, the earlier your article will be published if it is successful. Due to the wonders of the special collection format, we are able to publish articles individually as they pass peer-review, corrections are made, and any other editing takes place.  This will maximise the impact of your work as debate around the 20th Anniversary gathers pace, and the open access model of the OLH and our collective endeavour ensures your work a wide audience.

Caroline, Maggie and George

Guidelines are here:


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