Agreement 20

6-7 April 2018

Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester

Thursday, 5th April

‘In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America’ Screening, free but ticketed

Friday, 6 April 2018

If you arrive early and would like to buy some lunch or a coffee, the cafe in the Irish Centre is open.

2:30-3pm: Registration (Foyer)

3-4:30pm: Panel 1

Panel 1.1 Adaptable Memory (Leinster Room)

Chair: Dr Maggie Scull (King’s College London)

Dr Stuart Aveyard (Chichester),’On notions of “dealing with” the past in Northern Ireland’

Christina Taylor (University of Ulster) ‘Forgotten Prisoners: Gender, harms and the politically motivated ex-prisoner in conflict transformation. A case-study of Northern Ireland’

Dr Declan Long (NCAD), ‘Being Together: Post-Troubles Art and Public Space’

Panel 1.2: Post-Agreement Politics (Ulster Gallery)

Chair: Adam Brodie (University of Oxford)

Dr Tommy Dolan (University of Edinburgh) ‘The Rise, Rise, and Rise of Political Consensus in Northern Ireland’

Liz DeYoung (Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool) ‘War by other means’?: power, politics and planning in post-Agreement Belfast’

Dr Martin Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University) ‘The Politics of Antagonism Revisited–Assessing the Good Friday Agreement (1998-2018) within the Framework of Political Reconciliation’

4:30-5pm: Coffee Break (Bridge, First Floor)

5-6pm: Keynote 1: Professor Thomas Hennessey (Ulster Gallery)

‘The Hand of History’: Why was there an Agreement in 1998? (Chair: Dr George Legg)

6-8pm: Launch of the Agreement20 Special Issue with Reception and Buffet

(Wine reception on bridge, then you will be directed back to Ulster Gallery for short talks and buffet)


Saturday, 7 April 2018

9:30-10am: Registration (Foyer)

10-11:30am: Panel 2

Panel 2.1: ‘The Good Friday Agreement and responses to alternative identity concerns’ (Leinster Room)

Chair: Edwin Coomasaru (The Courtauld Institute of Art)

Dr Claire Pierson (University of Liverpool) ‘Women, Peace and Security and power-sharing: An intersectional approach to implementation’

Dr Fiona Bloomer (Ulster University) ‘Abortion in NI – the forgotten ‘rights’ issue in the GFA’

Dr Noirin McNamara (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Newly Arrived Communities and Northern Ireland: Communities tackling FGM as an example of some of the inequalities which impact on newly arrived communities’

Danielle Mackle (Ulster University) ‘Fitting into place: the LGBT community’s journey to equality in Northern Ireland in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement’

Panel 2.2: Identity and the Politics of Self (Ulster Gallery)

Chair: Professor Tim White (Xavier University)

Dr Stephen Hopkins (University of Leicester) ‘Northern Ireland and New Labour: Memoir-writing and the Politics of Self-Justification’

Sean Huddleston (University of the West Scotland) and Dr Paul Breen (University of Westminster) ‘The Footballing Elephant in the Room? The Irish National Football Teams and Northern Players who declare for the Republic of Ireland’

Amanda Hall (University of St Andrews) ‘Two Decades of Mainstream Division: Why Grassroots Efforts are Key to the Future of Peace in Northern Ireland’

Panel 2.3: Post-conflict Fiction (Connacht Room)

Chair: Alex Coupe (Goldsmiths)

Professor Fiona McCann (Université de Lille SHS) ‘Still “fork-tongued on the border bit”?: Writing (about) the Irish Border 1987-2017’

Dr David Clark (University of A Coruña) ‘‘A Normal Police Service?’: The representation of the PSNI in recent crime fiction’

Eli Davies (University of Ulster) ‘Challenging the two traditions: women, literature and memory’

11:30-12pm: Coffee (Bridge, First Floor)

12-1:30pm: Panel 3

Panel 3.1: ‘Northern Irish Women’s Cultural Production Post-Agreement’ (Leinster Room)

Chair: Professor Fiona McCann (Université de Lille)

Dr Suzanna Chan (University of Ulster) ‘Anxiously Present: The Northern Irish Landscape in Recent Photographic Work by Emma Campbell and Mary McIntyre’

Dr Stefanie Lehner (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Passages: From Traumatism to Promise in Stacey Gregg’s Shibboleth (2015) and Abbie Spallen’s Lally the Scut (2015)’

Dr Dawn Sherratt-Bado (Independent Scholar) ‘Things we’d rather forget’: Trauma, the Troubles, and Magical Realism in Post-Agreement Northern Irish Women’s Short Stories

Panel 3.2: The Peace Process (Ulster Gallery)

Chair: Dr Stephen Hopkins (University of Leicester)

Professor Timothy White (Xavier University) ‘American Diplomacy and Economic Aid in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: A Neoliberal Analysis’

Roseanna Doughty (University of Edinburgh) ‘Reporting on the ‘long road to peace’: British media coverage of the Northern Ireland Peace Process’

Panel 3.3: ‘Dealing with the Past’ (and the Present) (Connacht Room)

Chair: Dr Martin Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Professor Sara Dybris McQuaid (Aarhus University) ‘‘Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’: Institutionalising Radical Disagreement and Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland’

Dr Katie Markham (Newcastle University) ‘“Cheers for the lovely time UDA”: sick jokes and gallows humour in Belfast’s Troubles tourism sector’

Adam Brodie (University of Oxford) ‘‘Resolution is Possible’: Explaining the End of the Crumlin Road Parades Dispute’

1:30-2:30pm: Lunch (Provided: Bridge, First Floor)

2:30 – 3.30pm: Keynote 2: Dr Maire Braniff  (Ulster Gallery)

‘Progress in Paralysis: Change and Continuity in post-Agreement Northern Ireland’

(Chair: Dr Maggie Scull)

3.30-4.00pm: Coffee

4:00-5:30pm: Panel 4

Panel 4.1: Culture and Identity (Leinster Room)

Chair: Dr Katie Markham (Newcastle)

Alex Coupe (Goldsmiths) ‘Cross-dressers, swaggerers and sell-out agents: the masculine styles of post-Agreement political performance’

Amanda Dunsmore (Limerick School of Art and Design) ‘KEEPER: Representations of Social, Cultural, and Political Legacy through Accumulative Legacy Art Processes’

Edwin Coomasaru (Courtauld Institute of Art) ‘The Sexual Politics of ‘Peace’: Heterosexuality and Masculinity in Dudi Appleton’s The Most Fertile Man in Ireland (1999)’

Panel 4.2: Post-Agreement Social and Political Change (Ulster Gallery)

Chair: Dr George Legg (King’s College London)

Professor Neil Ferguson (Liverpool Hope University), Dr Shaun McDaid (University of Huddersfield) and Professor James W. McAuley (University of Huddersfield) ‘Structural violence and conflict transformation in Northern Ireland after the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement: The role of Loyalist Paramilitaries’

Dr Julia Paul (Independent Scholar) ‘Reporting the ‘peace’ in Northern Ireland : the BBC Northern Ireland politics programme ‘Hearts and Minds’ and a ‘journalism of opposition’’

Maria Dalton (University of St Andrews) ‘More Than Just Tea Ladies! The Potential of Women as Peacemakers in a Post-Good Friday Northern Ireland’

5.30-6.30: Writers’ Panel with Billy Cowan and Jan Carson (Chair: Dr Caroline Magennis) and Close (Ulster Gallery)